Established in 2006, Nirogi kaya Herbs Pvt. an expert healthcare marketing and communications organization working with companies and organizations to help them sell and raise their profile within healthcare markets. Nirogi Independent business owners, healthcare, nursing homes and the general public. We ensure that our customers achieve their sales, marketing and communications objectives.

Good health is vital to all of us, and finding sustainable solutions to the most pressing health care challenges of our world cannot wait. That's why we Nirogi Kaya are committed to applying science and our global resources to improve health and well-being at every stage of life. We strive to provide access to safe, effective and affordable Ayurvedic medicines and related health care services to the people who need them.

Nirogi Kaya Herbs Pvt. Ltd. has worked effectively and diligently at establishing itself as the supplier of natural and ayurvedic medicines. Our company aims at providing ayurvedic medicines that causes no risk and result in healthy and happy life. Range of products offer by us is Divya Sanjivni & Nirogi Kaya. As we have manifested our resources in the best possible way, we emerged as a leading supplier of natural health care products and Ayurvedic medicine. Our products are widely used in medicinal sector and cosmetic sector. We supply our products in the entire Indian subcontinent.

We have a leading portfolio of products and medicines that support hair care, health care, nutritious health and wellness. Prevention, as well as treatment and cures for diseases across a broad range of therapeutic areas; and we have an industry-leading pipeline of promising new products that have the potential to challenge some of the most feared diseases of our time, like Alopecia, Diabetes etc.

To ensure we can continue to deliver on our commitments to the Independent business owner(s), patients, customers and shareholders who rely on us, we are focused on improving the way we do business; on operating with transparency in everything we do; and on listening to the views of all of the people involved in health care decisions.

Through working in partnership with everyone from patients to health care providers and managed care organizations to governments and non-governmental organizations, our goal is to ensure that people everywhere have access to innovative treatments and quality health care.

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